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Mobdro - Discover a world of free video streams on your Android TV box.

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Find free video streams online and enjoy them on your Android TV box. Mobdro constantly searches the web for the best free video streams and brings them to your living room. Sports, news, movies and pretty much any live TV channel from around the globe.


What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an app for Android that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your Android TV box.

How do I get Mobdro?

Mobdro is available exclusively from www.mobdro,com.

Having trouble installing? Click on the following link for Mobdros own installation guide.


Is Mobdro free?

Yes, but Mobdro has two versions: Freemium and Premium. Freemium is completely free, the Premium version has extra features, like capturing streams and is free of ads.

How can I purchase Mobdro?

Once you have downloaded the Freemium version, you have the option to subscribe to the Premium version from inside the app by tapping on the Mobdro logo in the upper left corner and selecting “Go Premium”.


What is the “Parse Error” message?

Parse error happens when the Android version on the device is lower than the Android version Mobdro was compiled for. You need Android 4.1 or up to enjoy Mobdro. All boxes suppiled by have Android 4.4 or higher so this will not be an issue.

Some streams are playing slowly or suffer from stuttering. What can I do?

Please check your internet connection and try again. If your internet connection is OK, it’s probable that the streaming is reaching its maximum bandwith capacity. Unfortunately, Mobdro can’t do anything to solve this: we don’t have any control on the streamings, because they are provided by other organizations.

There was a stream in my lists yesterday, but now it’s gone. Where do I find it?

Mobdro is an indexation tool, meaning it only looks which streams are available. Mobdro doesn’t have any control whatsoever on the streamings. If the streaming that you are looking for was on the list before and now has vanished, it means that it was online but right now it is offline.

Mobdro shows the message “check your connection”.

If you have no connections problems, then you are probably using an unsupported older version. Go to and download the latest version.

Permissions & Data

Why Mobdro needs the permission Start on Boot?

Mobdro needs to start a service on boot that periodically checks for new updates. You can set up this period under settings → updates. 

What is the Share option?

The Share option allows you to send a direct link to another Mobdro user, so this user can watch what you are watching with just one tap.

Why does Mobdro need the permission to get the device’s accounts?

We need to get the device main account to see if you purchased Mobdro, so we can enable the Premium features for you.


Premium Version

How do I get rid of the ads?

Mobdro has Premium Version that is free of advertisement. You can purchase it from inside the app once it’s ready.

Is it possible to use the Premium features on different devices?

Yes, provided that you are logged into your device with the same account that you made the purchase with.

I’ve already purchased, how do I enable the premium features?

In the app, tap on “Go Premium” option in the navigation list, then tap on “I’ve already purchased”. Mobdro will check your purchase and will enable Premium features. Please make sure you’re using the same e-mail account that you made your purchase with.

So there you have it. A great app for live streaming which will come preinstalled on whichever box you choose to buy from us.

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