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Megabox HD preinstalled on all Android TV boxes

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Megabox HD, like Showbox and Popcorntime, allows you to stream the latest films and TV shows from your Android tv box to your TV. If you are looking for high quality films and boxsets, Megabox HD is what you are looking for.

While it’s not the best looking app, it functions great. You can search easily for all the latest films and TV shows or sort it according to genre, rating, popularity. There’s also a favourites tab that allows you to build and manage a back-log of films you’d like to watch later.

With Megabox HD you have the choice of whether to stream or to download content which you can watch in 360p, 720p and 1080p.

Even though Megabox HD is preinstalled on all Android TV boxes supplied by

Should you wish to download the app it can be downloaded from the Megabox site @

Any help required to install you can contact the Android TV box team @


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