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Irelands best seller of Android TV boxes in Dublin from

We provide you with the best quality Android TV boxes on the market! Get your fully loaded Android TV box with the award winning Kodi entertainment centre. 

With apps like Showbox, Mobdro and hundreds more, enjoy all your favourite movies, live TV, sports and TV shows for hours on end!

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With one of our Android TV Boxes, you can watch any Movie or TV Show, access hundreds of Music Channels worldwide, watch hundreds of Live TV Channels, the Premier League and UEFA Football matches, all local and European Rugby Matches, Golf, Tennis, Formula 1, Darts and so much more.


Showbox app available on all of our Android TV boxes from www.androidtvboxesirelands.comMobdro app available on all of our Android TV boxes from www.androidtvboxesireland.comPopcorntime app preinstalled on all of our Android Tv boxes from www.androidtvboxesireland.comWatch all live sports channels on our android tv boxes from www.androidtvboxesireland.comWatch all Irish TV channels on our android tv boxes from




Our Android TV boxes also come preinstalled with Showbox, Mobdro and Popcorn time to name just a few. Our Android TV box also allows you to use all of your favourite android apps right on your TV. You can browse the internet, update Facebook, Twitter, check Dondeal or play Angry Birds.


All of your favourite apps available through our Android TV boxes from


WHY ANDROID TV IRELAND?  No More TV Bills   Choose from 100's of TV Channels from all over the world - absolutely free..yes you heard us correctly, ABSOLUTELY FREE.   From the UK and Ireland's most popular channels, you can watch all your Live TV channels the same as you did before. Not only that but Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries on demand anytime you want isn’t a bad perk either.   Don’t forget there’s so many more third party applications and services out there compatible with android that you can install for an even bigger choice. So say goodbye to those huge monthly fees!     Turn Your TV Into a Smart TV  With a box from Android TV Boxes Ireland, your TV set will be instantly transformed into a multimedia powerhouse, Smart TV.   As all of our models work on the android operating system, you will have your choice of nearly two million android applications currently available to use on your TV.   From social media apps like Facebook and Twitter to music with Spotify, Google Maps, browsing the internet and even games via the Google Play Store. You can access all games via the Google Play Store.  From Candy Crush Saga to the Zombie Apocalypse – your choices are unlimited.     Customer Support & 12 Month Warranty  Our products are great and easy to use but sometimes you may want a little help.   We want you to know there’s help at hand when you need a simple question answered, or you need advanced assistance with setting up a more time consuming configuration.   That’s why our dedicated Customer Support team are always here to help if you need us.   Not only is our Customer Support second to none, but we believe in our products that much that each one comes with a full 12 months warranty.

The options are limitless. If it is in the Google Play Store it can be used through our Android TV box so why wait any longer? Shop with a brand you can trust, get your Android TV box today from